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Steel palisade fencing, with W, D or angle pales, are designed with high strength, rigidity and are excellent to promise protection and thief deterrent.

Steel palisade fences and gates for general purposes in corrugated/angle pales upto 2.4m. General palisade fence and components made of S235JR and S235JRH materials.

Security steel palisade fences and gates in corrugated pales, with 3.0 and 3.6 m fence height. spikes, barbed wire, and concertina wire topping for anti-climbing.

Palisade fencing gates, in the form of swing and sliding styles, hot dipped galvanized with the option of PVC coating, are necessary for access control.

Palisade fencing pales in W, D or angle section, with one pointed, triple pointed, rounded and other heads, are ideal for palisade fencing or gates assembly.

Palisade fence post, manufactured from RSJ or square tube, fasten the palisade fence firmly to the ground in the form of concrete in or bolt down.

Palisade rails, made of galvanized rolled steel angle, with high durability and rust resistance, are widely used to connect palisade pales and post together.

Palisade fence fittings, including palisade fishplates, fence clamp, bots and nuts, are necessary connectors to assemble palisade pales and post together.