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Palisade Fittings - Connectors of Palisade Fencing

Palisade fishplates

A straight fishplates for palisade fencing

Straight palisade fishplate

A corner fishplates for palisade fencing

Corner palisade fishplate

An end fishplates for palisade fencing

End palisade fishplate

Palisade fishplates, designed for working with RSJ palisade posts together, connect top and bottom palisade rails together with the help of bolts and anti-vandal nuts. To follow the fence direction, three types of fishplates can be offered: straight, corner and end palisade fishplates as shown in the above pictures.

Straight palisade fishplates are used to connect palisade fence in straight lines. Corner palisade fishplates are needed where there is a change of direction. While the end type, as its name implies, is designed for the end part of palisade fence.

Additionally, fishplates are easy to operate - just put the fishplates through the slot of palisade post and bolt it to adjacent rails.

Thickness: 6mm to 8mm or as your request
Slots: suitable for M8 or M12 bolts
Finish: hot dipped galvanized or galvanized + PVC coated

Post clamps

A straight post clamp for straight line of palisade fencing

Straight post clamp

A corner post clamp for direction changes of palisade fencing

Corner post clamp

An end post clamp end part of palisade fencing

End post clamp

Post clamps are used to connect palisade rails to square post in conjunction with bolts and nuts. They are available in straight type, corner type and end type to meet your different needs. These clamps are suitable for palisade posts in sizes of 50 × 50mm or 76 × 76mm.

Thickness: 3mm
Width: 29mm to 45mm
Slots: suitable for M8 or M12 bolts
Finish: hot dipped galvanized or galvanized + PVC coated

Bolts and nuts

Anti-vandal-bolts and nuts of palisade fencing

Anti-vandal bolts and nuts

To fix the palisade pales and rails, two types of fittings are provided by our company - round head bolts and anti-vandal nuts as shown in the picture. With high tamper resistance, the fittings are not easy to remove using simple tools, meanwhile, the zinc plating make them anti-rust and robust even in the harshest environments.

Bolt size: M6, M8 and M12
Finish: hot dipped galvanized

Don't forget to take pale profile into consideration when choosing bolts. The longer bolts are suitable for fixing D section pales while the shorter bolts are used to fasten W section pales. Don't over tight the fitting as it may cause pale flattening when installing palisade fences

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