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2017_06_27Specifying A Steel Palisade Fence

When order a steel palisade fence for general or security purposes, precise details of the palisade fence and gates, and installation site need provide, all list here.

2017_06_27Palisade Gates Frame and Steel Posts Sizes

Frame sizes for individual palisade gate leaf, and size of steel posts (RSJ, UB, UC or RHS) for individual palisade gate leaf for palisade fence upto 6.5 m height.

2017_06_27Flexural Strength Test of Palisade Fencing Pales

Method for the determination of flexural strength of steel palisade panel pales, test machine, specimens, test procedure, and test report are all here.

2014_09_17High Security Palisade fence

High security fencing form palisade fence augmented with V shaped angle iron, 980mm barbed concertina with 7 clips/spiral, blades at 25mm centres

2014_03_21Palisade Fencing Installation

How to install palisade fencing? Here is a brief instruction of installing palisade fencing effectively without further adjustments.

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