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How To Specify a Steel Palisade Fence – SP Fence or GP Fence

When preparing a specification for a steel palisade fence it is important that precise details of the requirements of the fence and the installation site are provided. This article lists those items that should be specified at the time of ordering a steel palisade fence (general palisade fence or security palisade fence).

A typical arrangement for an SP fence is shown in security palisade fence SPF-3.

Site conditions

  • The line and length of fence;
  • The height and type of fence, i.e. GP or SP (general palisade fence or security palisade fence);
  • Site preparation:
    • Site clearance;
    • Cutting or filling of ground level;
  • Any specific requirements for non-standard post lengths due to ground conditions;
  • Any special measures required due to site gradients;
  • The number and position of any gates.

Construction of fence

  • Pales:
    • Whether general palisade fence (GP fence) or security palisade fence (SP fence);
    • The type of pale (corrugated or angle pale);
    • The shape of tops of pales;
    • The method of fixing pales (welding, bolting, or riveting).
  • Posts:
    • The type of section (RSJ, UB, UC or RHS);
    • The particular requirements for spacing posts(2.75 m centres or shorter);
    • The design and foundation requirements for removable posts.
  • The type of protective treatment (hot dip galvanized or polymer coated).
  • Gates:
    • If any clear openings are required;
    • The type of post (RSJ, UB, UC or RHS posts);
    • Locking devices (locking bar, locking plate);
    • Road profile.
  • Additional security:
    • Burrowing (pales are extended by 150 mm and embedded in the concrete sill, or pales are extended by 350 mm and buried in the ground.);
    • Pale removal (additional rail fixed to the pales, or without);
    • Topping (spiked topping, barbed wire lines topping, or barbed tape concertina coil topping).

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