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Palisade Posts - Fix Fencing Firmly To Your Desired Areas

Two plans of fixing palisade fencing posts: concrete in and bolt down

Way of fixing palisade fencing post

Palisade posts, connecting to horizontal palisade rails, are the necessary support of whole fence panels and determine the property of assault resistance. Made from high quality steel, these posts are extremely durable and robust to withstand the harshest damages.

Catering for different needs, palisade posts are available in two fixing ways: concrete in and bolt down as shown in the right picture:

Concrete in palisade posts are the most used type complying with British Standards. The bolt down palisade posts with base plates, are also popular for applications where the concrete in posts are not suitable, such as on concrete ground. As your request, cranked wall mount palisade posts can be made to order.

Mostly, palisade post are manufactured from rolled steel joist or heavy duty box section steel - that means there are two varieties of palisade posts: RSJ post and square post as follow:

RSJ Post:

RSJ palisade fencing post with base plate are bolted to the ground

RSJ palisade fencing post


  • Made of high quality rolled steel joist
  • Hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Optional PVC coating for esthetical effect and additional weather resistance
  • Available for concrete in post and bolt down post
  • With two slots for fastening horizontal rails with fishplates.
  • For higher security, added holes for barbed wires or razor wires can be made on the top of the post.


Fence height above the ground RSJ post size RSJ post weight RSJ post length (concrete in) RSJ post length (bolt down)
1.5m 102 × 44mm or 100 × 55mm 7.44kg/m 2.025m 1.5m
1.8m 102 × 44mm or 100 × 55mm 7.44kg/m 2.325m 1.8m
2m 102 × 44mm or 100 × 55mm 7.44kg/m 2.6m 2m
2.1m 102 × 44mm or 100 × 55mm 7.44kg/m 2.725m 2.1m
2.4m 102 × 44mm or 100 × 55mm 7.44kg/m 3.125m 2.4m
3.0m 127 ×76mm 13.0kg/m 3.925m 3.0m
3.6m 127 × 76mm 13.0kg/m 4.725m 3.6m

Square Post:

Square palisade fencing post with yellow PVC coating

Square palisade fencing post

Six palisade fencing post caps - three black plastic caps and three metal caps

Plastic & metal square post caps


  • Made of heavy duty box section steel.
  • Hot dipped galvanized with high rust resistance and long lifespan.
  • Optional PVC coating for esthetical effect and additional weather resistance.
  • Available for concrete in post and bolt down post.
  • With additional metal or plastic post caps to proof water.
  • Fasten to rails by post clamps.


  • Height: bolt down type: 1.2m to 3.6m; concrete in type: 1.8m to 4.2m
  • Post size: 50 × 50mm or 76 × 76mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm

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