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How to install palisade fencing effectively?

  1. Before you start continuous installation, determine the exact locations of your first post and dig a hole in the size about 350mm (length) × 350mm (width) × 600mm (height) or other size according to your post height.
  2. Lay the first post in the hole; make sure the post is straight and upright. Then pour the mixed concrete in and wait for concrete drying.
  3. Once the concrete is dry, start the continuous installation as follow:
  4. Dig the second hole according to the length of palisade rails you intend to place between them.
  5. Fasten the palisade rails from the first post to the second one. Once the second post is fixed correctly and upright, meanwhile, the horizontal palisade rails are in level, pour concrete in. In this way, the post distance is always right, no need of post adjustments any more.
  6. Assemble palisade pales to the horizontal rails in conjunction with bolts and nuts. Make sure the head of bolts are fixed in the front of the panel and the pales are vertical against the palisade rails.
  7. Repeat this way, until your palisade fencing is finish.

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