Metal Steel Palisade Fencing Panels - Built Your Own Security Barrier

Palisade fencing, the most popular solution to premise protection, performs excellently to provide a high level of security and assault resistance. Taking full advantages of sharp prongs at the top of fencing, it is difficult to climb and provides the ultimate deterrent against would to be intruders.

As the specific manufactures of palisade fencing, we offer a complete set of high quality palisade fencing products to cater your different needs. Our products include palisade fencing panels, palisade gate, palisade pale, palisade post, palisade rails and palisade fittings including fishplates, post clamps, bolts and nuts.

Green PVC coated palisade fencing is installed to protect premises.

Palisade security fencing is perfect for premise protection.

Metal steel palisade fencing, supplied in kit form, comprises pieces of fence panel in the length of 2.75 meters. The panel is composed of seventeen palisade pales, one post, two or three palisade rails and correct numbers of fittings. In full range of height from 1.2m to 3.6m, it is normally assembled for domestic, commercial or industry applications.

Palisade gates, as the access to your premises, combine with palisade fence panel together to form a formidable barrier and solute your security problems. It can be manufactured with single or double leaves and available in swing and sliding styles as your request.

Palisade pales, as the basic components of palisade fencing and gates, are available in W section, D section and angle iron types. The pales are manufactured in the height of 1.2m to 3.6m with different head types.

Palisade fence posts, comprising RSJ post and square post, can be fixed to the ground in the forms of concrete in or bolt down. Different types of post implied different assembly way. RSJ posts are normally bolts to horizontal rails with the help of fishplates while post clamps are needed when fastening square post to adjacent palisade rails.

Palisade rails, the only horizontal part of palisade fencing, connect the vertical palisade pales and post together. Each palisade fence panel comes with two rails, yet the third rail is needed to maintain integrity when it comes to the palisade fence in height of over 3 meters.

Palisade fittings include fishplate for RSJ post, post clamps for square post, round head bolts and anti-vandal nuts.

Why choose us?

Providing widest choices:
Our company is specification in manufacturing palisade fencing products and capable to offer the widest choices of designs and specifications in the markets.

  • A choice of pale profiles - W pale, D pale and angle steel pales.
  • A choice of head types - with incomparable nine types of head types.
  • A choice of assemble ways - by fishplates or post clamps as your request.
  • A choice of material - low carbon steel. Stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel or customized materials.
  • A choice of surface treatment - hot dipped galvanized with the optional PVC coating. Any color is available.
  • A choice of specifications - palisade fencing with the height ranging from 1.2m to 3.6m. Customized specifications are acceptable.
PVC coated palisade fencing in green, yellow, blue and red

PVC coated palisade fencing is available in various colors.

Excellent properties:

  • Providing high level of security.
  • With high damage and vandal resistance.
  • Anti-thief and unscalable.
  • Durable and robust.
  • Attractive yet forbidding appearance.
  • Without sight blocks.
  • Follow the terrains.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Anti-weather with long lifespan.
  • High rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Low maintenance and easy to repair - just replace the damaged pales by a new one.

Various applications:

  • Schools.
  • Parks and churches.
  • Stadiums.
  • Industrial sites.
  • Railways and highways.
  • Premises, yards and companies.
  • Access to buildings, sports and other facilities, etc.

Competitive price

We are the direct manufacturer and seller of palisade fencing. All of our products are manufactured in house. Furthermore, no agent to get a profit by rising prices!

If you have some questions or want more details about the products, please emails us at We are pleasure to answering your questions.

    Hot products
  • Steel palisade fencing, with W, D or angle pales, are designed with high strength, rigidity and are excellent to promise protection and thief deterrent.

  • Steel palisade fences and gates for general purposes in corrugated/angle pales upto 2.4m. General palisade fence and components made of S235JR and S235JRH materials.

  • Security steel palisade fences and gates in corrugated pales, with 3.0 and 3.6 m fence height. spikes, barbed wire, and concertina wire topping for anti-climbing.

  • Palisade fencing gates, in the form of swing and sliding styles, hot dipped galvanized with the option of PVC coating, are necessary for access control.

Technology List
Specifying A Steel Palisade Fence

When order a steel palisade fence for general or security purposes, precise details of the palisade fence and gates, and installation site need provide, all list here.

Palisade Gates Frame and Steel Posts Sizes

Frame sizes for individual palisade gate leaf, and size of steel posts (RSJ, UB, UC or RHS) for individual palisade gate leaf for palisade fence upto 6.5 m height.

Flexural Strength Test of Palisade Fencing Pales

Method for the determination of flexural strength of steel palisade panel pales, test machine, specimens, test procedure, and test report are all here.

High Security Palisade fence

High security fencing form palisade fence augmented with V shaped angle iron, 980mm barbed concertina with 7 clips/spiral, blades at 25mm centres

Palisade Fencing Installation

How to install palisade fencing? Here is a brief instruction of installing palisade fencing effectively without further adjustments.